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Jewellery Care


We hope you are happy with your Esoteric Luxury purchase. Like all jewellery, our pieces are subject to normal conditions of ‘wear and tear’. Our jewellery is made from either solid sterling silver or plated sterling silver. It is important to note that sterling silver naturally tarnishes. Gold vermeil plating is not a permanent process and will fade with time. Everyday wear may speed up this process, especially on rings and bracelets as these have frequent contact with surfaces. Vermeil re-plating falls under normal ‘wear and tear’. Please note that due to the delicate nature of certain gemstones, not all items are available for re-plating.

There are certain things that can be damaging to your jewellery. We advise to always remove your jewellery before showering, swimming, exercising or sleeping. Please note that chlorine is especially damaging to jewellery. Make sure to remove your jewellery when applying perfumes and lotions as these can tarnish sterling silver and speed up fading on gold plating.


Everyday wear, dust and chemicals all have an effect on the surface of precious metals. Protect your jewellery pieces by storing them in separate fabric lined boxes so they do not tangle or scratch against each other. Please ensure that you rinse off any chemicals that come into contact with your jewellery straight away. You can clean your jewellery with a soft polishing cloth that can be used for sterling silver and plated items.